Marginal Power


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Jack Knoxville was the first Trans man in the Southern United States to run for political office. He is an activist and digital strategist who specializes in building power for marginalized communities through scalable campaigns. 

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“Jack was the best co-worker and supervisor you could ask for! As an intern for PPFA, I constantly had questions and found myself in need of guidance. Jack was consistently leading me through any troubleshooting or road bumps, and was proactive in aiding my professional development. It was wonderful to have such a creative and positive presence in my daily work life, and gave me, as a college student, someone on which to look up to and aspire to model my professional demeanor. He reached out often to ensure I felt comfortable in my work and confident in my next steps.”


I hired Jack to help the Sierra Club’s Digital Innovation team manage and support a growing base of users of our innovative digital organizing platform, AddUp. He brought an inspiring amount of energy and determination to the work and was a constant source of new ideas. Jack’s passion for innovation was matched by his dedication to the users he supported, for whom he was a tireless advocate. He never hesitated to jump in to help others out, both within and outside of the scope of his position. Jack also brought a great love and understanding of organizing to the team, which made him an asset to everyone he assisted and every project he worked on. Jack was great to work with and definitely someone to hire if you want a loyal and persistent teammate to help achieve your goals.


Jack is a talented and visionary leader. Jack has been integral in the creation and implementation of our virtual training program for volunteer leaders. He developed curriculum and has been leading the charge in automating the onboarding experience for volunteers. Jack also led much of our work rolling out new online events and volunteer groups tools for our local Planned Parenthood organizations and our volunteers. Jack developed trainings and trained hundreds of staff and volunteers virtually with great success.”