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Jack Knoxville is a medium brown skinned man wearing glasses with short dark brown hair and is shown smiling

About Jack

Founder and Executive Director, Trans Empowerment Project

Jack Knoxville was the first Trans Masc candidate to run for political office in the Southern United States, when he ran for office in Knoxville, TN in 2015.

Jack is a multiple award winning Transformational Leader and Digital Strategist whose work in social justice, in 2002, resulted in Jack’s name being added to the Wall of Tolerance.

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As a Disabled, Multi-racial, Trans/Intersex, person of color,  who largely grew up in the south, Jack spent most of their formative years homeless, and looking for support.

Jack has several keynotes each of which are dedicated to power building in one for or another.

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I have worked with Jack at Planned Parenthood on a variety of projects. Jack is incredibly focused, diligent, kind and holds a strong values and skills alignment on every project we complete — making him not only an incredibly useful addition to any team, but also a delight to collaborate with no matter the occasion. I’m constantly learning from Jack’s vision, rigor, generosity, and insight.

Madeleine Durante, Director, Direct Response Retention

Jack’s Work

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