Jack Knoxville is an Afro-Latino Trans Activist, Digital Strategist, and Keynote Speaker.

In 2015, Jack became the first trans-man to run for political office in the Southern United States when he ran for City Mayor in Knoxville, TN. Shortly after his campaign ended, Jack founded Trans Empowerment Project, a 501c3 focused on empowering folx across the gender spectrum nationally.

Jack got his start in community organizing as an activist in 2002 when he started his first non-profit, Free2Be, in response to legislative attacks against the LGBTQ community in the south. He was recognized by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a leader of the civil rights movement in 2002, for his work with the org.

In June of 2020, just after the murder of George Floyd, Jack and his business partner, Sola Adenekan launched Transmit Media to focus on building power for marginalized communities through media.

At the start of September 2020 he and several leaders from his team at Trans Empowerment Project came together to launch Trans Action Coalition, which is aimed to address the lack of visibility for QTPOC at the polls and in key leadership roles across the U.S. 

Jack has since dedicated his life to helping others break through oppressive barriers to (re)claim their power and frequently holds organizing trainings and builds out programs to empower others.

During his downtime, Jack is living his best life with his wife and 2 dogs, exploring healing and expanding his consciousness through art and music.

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