Jack Knoxville 2017

Jack Knoxville is the first openly Transgender politician to run for any office in Eastern, TN.

He is also an artist, activist, designer, and entrepreneur, as well as the founder of a 501c3 nonprofit called Trans Empowerment Project. He has self-published 5 books and run several of his own companies including Queerd, Smoky Mountain Media Group, the Home Grown Zine, and more.

In his spare time, he enjoys camping, experimenting with music, and anything surrounding pop-culture.

Jack has run a variety of fan sites from “PunkWeb” to an 80’s fanclub that attracted over 13,000 members on Myspace.  He currently runs a twitter profile called RetroTVGuy, where he tweets and interacts with celebs from the 60’s through today.

You can catch Jack live, Sunday Nights between 8pm-10pm doing his radio show “Wayyy Back with Jack”, on 103.9FM WOZO in Knoxville or streaming live at www.wozoradio.com


If you’d like to view Jack’s resume, you can do so by clicking here.

Or you can email him directly at thejackknoxville@gmail.com







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