Jack Knoxville 2017

Jack Knoxville is the first Trans guy to run for any office in the state of TN.

He is also an activist/organizer, artists, entrepreneur, and founder of Trans Empowerment Project (A 501c3 dedicated toward providing resources for the trans community). He has authored several books run several of his own companies including Queerd, Smoky Mountain Media Group, the Home Grown Zine, and more.

My website and social media began in the late 90’s with a variety of fan sites from “PunkWeb” to an 80’s fan club which attracted over 13,000 members on Myspace.  For fun, he currently runs a twitter profile called RetroTVGuy, where he tweets and interacts with celebs from the 60’s through today.

As a leader and activist Jack believes in amplifying trans voices and increasing visibility for the community. He is an impassioned speaker and advocate for Trans issues and even leads a trans 101 workshop designed to educate potential allies on social justice issues surrounding the transgender and non/binary/gender noncomforming identites.

He is an occasional DJ on 103.9FM WOZO in Knoxville.








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