First event in the 2017 City Council Race-Knoxville, TN

Jack is a community organizer and activist for transgender and gender non-conforming communities who speaks publicly on topics that impact these communities such as:

  • Community organizing for change
  • Overcoming homelessness
  • Income inequalities
  • Child abuse/family rejection
  • Oppression based on race and/or gender
  • Mental health stigmas
  • Being transgender and autistic
  • Trans employment policies
  • Sexual reproductive health and justice
  • Personal empowerment
  • Relationship building

Jack is a keynote speaker who delivers webinars and in-person trainings around the issues listed above.

Previous engagements have included work for Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Point Source Youth, The Power of Pink leadership conference, Stop Hate, Glossier, and more. For more information or to discuss a speaking opportunity with Jack, please click the button below:

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