Jack Knoxville

My heart is broken at the way that otherwise good people so smugly sit on national television, smirk on faces as ignorance takes over.

It’s not them, I tell myself.  But let’s face it, it is.

A woman who represented the school district in Minneapolis has said that she felt “neutrality” meaning the silent condemnation of gays is enough of a compromise and “What else do they want?”.

I look at her and think, she looks like she is probably a nice lady, somewhere in that hypnotized heart of hers, but really, she’s not.  Anyone who can say that as a representative of all that is holy that Queer’s, even young ones, deserve to die for being queer….well, they represent the real dangers to me and that, I’m not ok with.

Queer’s are weird mystical creatures because we are each uniquely ourselves, so I’ll give you that; but if you want to know what’s going on inside of our minds, just ask us.

See the thing that goes on inside of mine is this need to maintain a lifeline with a higher power.   I used to like to think of mine as God until realizing these psycho’s and narcissists have used their white power to as a higher power and named that God too, so maybe I’ll change my God’s name to Kyle.

So Kyle and I kick it often.  In fact, he’s the only one I like to talk to about everything.  And Kyle says that we were created out of love.  In fact that 4 letter word that seems to seer into the souls of some is the only reason we were made; LOVE.

Kyle doesn’t like it when people pretend to be close to him and use his name to promote hate. The rest of these sheeple outside of my door who watch psycho’s that snicker at the death of children make me feel like I’m living in one fucked up version of Zombieland which is why I’ve given up on my need to leave my home.  There is no love out there.  And if it is, it’s so far and few between that I’d rather just stay online.  In my facebook like bubble where I can listen to birds “tweet” and see faces of people who actually do have love in their hearts.  Not these horrible people who make me wish i could find an exit.

Is it so hard to understand why a kid would feel there is no hope, when the adults around them would rather let them die than give them rights?

My heart is broken tonight and no amount of booze or pills or pot or morphine or anything could cure these blues.  I need love, and a platform to talk to these confused people who think that I look at a vagina and like a wolf salivate.  That’s not how it’s done.  The body part I’m the most attracted to is the heart.  The mind.  The soul.  And once in awhile the ass, but it always comes last.

Even if I was attracted to tits why should it be a crime?  If I put a penis between my legs then suddenly it’s ok.  I don’t think with my cock and neither should you.  I’m not a hateful person, in fact I don’t know many Queer’s who are.  If anything, we have to be the tolerant ones who make excuses for the abusiveness of our society.  We are the date raped sub culture who has to take it up the ass anytime some sweaty guy thinks it’s ok to stare at us with drunken eyes, mount us because he’s been given that right, or even belittle us because he feels he’s better than us.  Let’s face it, this is a man’s world, especially a white man’s world, or a rich white man’s world.  None of which I am.

No, I’m a poor puerto rican with an IQ of at least 145 who happens to have enough balls to stand up for who I am.  I’m telling you all of this because it’s time that some body does.  Fuck being nice.  It hasn’t gotten us very far.  From this day forward, I’m starting a blacklist for companies that do business with hate groups.  Anyone who is a part of these groups will be boycotted by myself and hopefully every other Queer in the country with 1/2 a brain.  We’ve got to stop funding these terrorists like Michelle Bachmann and start doing more to promote what’s real; LOVE.

Because whether you believe in God, Allah, Karma, or Kyle, at the end of this road we will all be held accountable.  I want to know that I did everything I could.  Don’t you?