I say “Me too” to a group of

people who’ve already

discluded me

while walking down

inclusive halls

of those mighty fine

“Safe spaces”

Eyes are met with

blank stares

as the smiles fade off of their faces

I’m not white enough

I’m not black enough

I’m not cis enough

or trans enough

for these hipsters

and pretentious label stealing thieves

one look over me

and the “do-gooders” become gatekeepers

of the hashtags for things like #metoo

under the guise of feminism

& sisterhood

but what about others,

like me?

I was trapped under 200 lbs of muscle

as he thrust himself

inside of my innocense

and ripped holes inside of my dreams

with this nightmare of reality

as he forced himself on top of me

and pulled down my jeans

Sadly, that wasn’t the first time

I became a statistic

The 1st would be my father,

Mr. Narcissistic

and then there was the boy

who followed me home

and claimed my virginity as his own

Closing the door on my self-esteem

and all that I ever wanted to be

like “whore” and “slut”

which he told everyone I was

and so I became on that day

The third time came

just a few weeks later,

I didn’t want it

but fear became my enabler

for this kind of behavior

The fourth time you’ve already heard about

By the 5th, 6th, and 7th times I still held onto the hope

that someone would hear my scream

as I pushed and pulled and tried to wriggle out

But there no one who came could be bothered to free me

By the 8th and 9th times, I grew enraged

By the 10th time I gave up and accepted that it was me who was to blame

so I put on their mask of shame.

I was numb

because when I cried for help

there was none (no one would ever come).

My voice was silenced then

and now

once again

with you

the gatekeepers and mouth breathers

who call yourselves allies

(keep telling yourselves those little lies)

While I can no longer stay silent

about the memories in my head

that remain so violent

To hell with your conditional offers of solidarity

the ones that only apply to

a select few

So fuck you

and oh yeah incase you didn’t hear me the first time: