Internet Hoax’s and why I’m (still) pissed @ Tom MacMaster


The entire experience of “A Gay Girl In Demascus” drained me.  Seriously.

Perhaps it was my insomniatic mind playing tricks on me or toying with my emotions but I sat here the night that I wrote about this “girl”, reading “her” blog and feeling helpless thinking about how crazy it was to be in fear of your life for being a lesbian; then to be in fear of your life also because you are a blogger.  I was horrified thinking in a panic like state of mind about all of the things that could have happened to this innocent girl who had really done nothing more than decided to be her own being.

I even thought “is this real?”.  As soon as the thought crept into my head I swatted it away like a fly and questioned my own sanity.  I was tired and had been up for 27 hours trying to find answers to the question of “Who was Amina Abdullah?”.

At the time, though I didn’t know it then, it would take several days to find the answers.  I was talking to my Editor in Chief at the mag. who asked the very same question after reading my article.  “[Jack] Is this real?”  I told her how weird it was that I too had experienced the same general feeling.  

Needless to say, by the end of our conversation….literally….It broke in the tweet-verse that we weren’t alone in our thoughts.

We both sat silent for a second after reading the headlines “‘A Gay Girl’ questioned for it’s legitimacy”


I had already published the article in question.  over 150 people had seen this article.

More groaning.

Within a few hours I came clean about my own questions and then in true OCD fashion F5’ed the blog many times every day until it happened.  Yesterday, or the day before, (since they have all been running together lately) A Gay Girl in Damascus was actually a Straight White Man in Scotland.

*The biggest groan yet*

Answers.  Not the ones I wanted, but answers.

He said it was all done as a way to show the current state of the nation of Syria and to bring attention to social issues.  He said he never expected it to catch on as it had.  He said he didn’t think he had caused any harm.