I believe in doing the right thing

Is that such a crime?

Because all of the time, 

I feel like I’m on trial

People around me living in denial

I wonder if I’ll ever 

Break out of this place, 

it’s such a disgrace

Surrounded by liars and thieves

Trying to deceive

As they do what they please

I’m down on my knees

Touching the fleas

I’m not asking for it to be a breeze

Just give me a reprieve or reprival 

It’s imperative to my survival

Or to have some kind of revival.

It’s been so long 

That I’ve

Forgotten how to smile

If you don’t believe me

Just try to walk a mile

In these busted up shoes

And I’m sure you’ll also feel like 

Yesterday’s news

Why do I have to always be

The one to lose?

Is it any wonder why I would turn to booze?

Or the buzz

From the drugs and addictions

As my soul stays stuck in these states of confliction