You call yourself a christian

Well you can keep hiding behind

The lies that you claim 

Are buried between the lines of the bible

Well yours 

Must be different than the ones I’ve encountered

You’re no better than the “sinners”

You’ve defined 

Because in this fantasy world

You’ve designed he who disagrees dies?

There’s nothing in the actual world 

To prove your righteousness

Only someone whose hatred 

Makes them fight for all the wrong reasons

How about letting us love

Who WE are intended

Not prescribed by you but the Gods and Goddesses inside of me

See, I have found my religion

My reason to be

And just because YOU don’t agree

Doesn’t mean 

That you’ve got something over me

It means that we’re two different people 

Living on one planet, yet worlds away

Running a race at a different pace

One that I can’t finish when you won’t even let me start

Why do we each feel the need to become something else?

Why do I have to force myself into adulthood through conformity for any thing or anyone?

Conformity exists inside of each of us, whether we like it or not. Hell punks and goths rebel 

against the idea of conformity, yet conform to this norm on a daily basis.