Let me tell you

about the sound of my ink

I’m 28 going on three and feeling the ink of my pen

as if it were connected to my mind

ink welling up in my throat

and all I want to do is scream

so I do

at you


in my dreams

the white puffy clouds of paper

let me be

the me

that I was born to be

the legend

the greed

the ability to fload

and exist

in a world of my own

where I can be free

Yeah, let me tell you about the sound of my ink

It trickles through my ears

like the flowing river of life

it has become

silent and still


the light breeze comes

I can finally breath

It’s the sound of a roaring wave

falling against an empty beach

but has the ability to preach

to the congregation of groupies I envision

will one day exist


out there

on the other side of this page

eventually seeing me as a sage

some kid, alone in his room

alone and confused

I will be found at the bottom of a pile of books

at a hole in the wall bookstore

in a dusty corner

purcharsed for a quarter

I will be the whispers in your ear

The sound of my ink

falls like a tear

On the face of this canvas

painting pictures you’d otherwise never see

I sigh a sigh of relief

when I’ve done it again

an orgasmic rush of releif

the sound of my ink sneaks

out of one door and into another

like a seasoned thief

out to feed his need of obesssion

as he thinks of what he will say during his next confession

The sound of my ink is sometimes muffled by the sounds of a smokey haze

as it makes its way through the maze

of tunnels, in through the nose out through my throat

The pleasures and the pains of yet another chapter ending

Neck bending


and I wonder if life will ever cut me some slack

The sound of my ink is sometimes blue

sometimes black

like a small galaxy

where words become stars that glimmer in the night

dark like the winter

with a bite that is bitter

The sound of my ink

is the sound when the link

has been made

that transfer of energy buzzing between two metals

it’s the hum and the buzz

the soft hush

the loud rush

it’s everything I’ve ever wanted to say

without the trouble of my mouth getting in the way.

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