I was being interviewed for a magazine on trans voting, when my own story around elections finally occurred to me.

They asked

How old I was the first time I voted and why?

This was my answer:

I was 21 when I excitedly registered to vote. I wanted to see Al Gore get elected, but it wasn’t until I was running for office myself that I ever got to cast an actual ballot.

After our conversation the other day, I went back and thought about where I was at in life during each of the elections and realized I never got to actually cast a ballot until I had been living in Knoxville for a couple of years.

This means the first vote I ever got to cast was actually for myself in 2015. The biggest reason for this was because I was entrenched in a constant battle with homelessness and poverty almost my entire life and was rarely even in the same town as the one I had registered to vote in by the time the elections came around.

Even if I had wanted to vote, I rarely had the money to update my ID from moving and knowing how unstable those situations were, I knew I wouldn’t be where I was for long, so why bother? I’m sharing my story with you all right now, because I think it’s important that you realize that not everyone DOES have the ability to cast their vote. When I vote now, I do it’s for all of the me’s who are where I was, and who feel like I felt; invisible.

Please use #vote4visibility and/or comment below and tell me why YOU vote.