Look at my arms 

And you’ll see the scars

Like stars

That twinkle in the light

Made with the blade 

of a razor sharp knife

That I snuck inside this cell like cave

Room of wonders

Where I lied awake and wondered

Night after night

What it would be like to fly

And flee from all of the voices

That have tortured me

Memories I’ve since lost to the sea

The black like abyss; unknowing

Haunts my knowing

Of times I dreaded, now I miss

It wasn’t always like this

Until I dropped that bright pill

On my tongue

Swallowed down the red hill 

Of my throat

Often hoping I’d just choke

But instead found a way to float

Out of the coat 

Like skin

Is it really such a sin to find ways to 

Blow my mind?

I climb and I climb

Out of the trenches 

Making my way past 

Their barbed wire fences

Just so I can leave

My senses

On a journey never far enough

To end up on a gurney 

Only far enough to know 

We all have a long way to go

Before I reach 

The end of this road

And where the next will lead

No one will know

Before I go, 

You should know, 

I’ve lived my life the way that I chose,

One eye open 

The other one closed.