Life has changed quite a bit

As I hop

From dream to dream

Reality the sleep

I catch in between

I’ve already lived through a thousand forevers

Each time different, each time the same

Each time maybe just slightly better

Sometimes it feels like I’ll never

Wake up 


Get up

After hitting the bottom in this


Unsettling plunge

I take falling, failing

Struggling to wake

Sometimes it’s hard

To determine the difference between what is real

And what is fake 

Was this luck or is it fate,

Which has brought me here

The end is near

 Or so I fear

It’s always there

In the shadows 

And knows what I know

Goes where I go

My death has become my stalker

The tick toc

Of heartless wonder and I 

Often wonder 

When it will happen

That I will run out of lily pads as I leap

Out of my body 

Binding with the earth

Skeleton becoming see through

And will I have learned all that I need to

Or will I yearn for one more moment to breathe through?