Fourth Friday

Every month, businesses around Knoxville participate in something called First Friday.  First Friday, gives artists a chance to go on display and be seen, and in many cases, even sell their art work.

In Knoxville, we have a great number of nonprofits and community driven groups that are working around the clock to create a positive impact on the lives of other Knoxvillians.  (Myself included)  Where many of us stumble is in finding funding .

As a way to increase funding and awareness about the issues that are going on in this town, I am proposing a new event called “Fourth Friday”.  The Fourth Friday of every month, I am encouraging businesses to sponsor or partner with a different organization that they can help.

These organizations would then PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE their events at your place of business, which will drive more traffic to your establishment.

In return, the business will allow the organization to have a presence at their location and will facilitate some type of fundraising effort.

Suggestions include:

  • donating a portion of the sales from that day to the organization
  • donating all of the proceeds from one particular type of shot or drink for the evening
  • the profit on sales for all steak dinners (or other specific dish) go to the organization
  • Allowing the organization to post a donation bucket through out the following month

The point is not in HOW you do it, but just that it happens.  With our current president being signature happy, he has defunded quite a few organizations that were providing public services, so it’s up to us as communities to put the funding back in the hands of those who need it most.

Interested in participating? Click to email me and I will get you started.

Get into the business of giving back!