Stickers designed by Jack Knoxville

Founder and President of Trans Empowerment Project

Jack was the first openly transgender politician to run for local office in Eastern, TN. He is an advocate for social justice issues including Trans rights, homelessness, protecting children’s rights, and immigration. To learn more, please visit his Jack Knoxville-Community Organizer Page on Facebook.


Part of Jack’s advocacy has been in putting together semi-annual clothing swaps to help relieve the Trans community if their ever changing clothing needs.  In Dec. of 2017, Jack and his crew at Trans Empowerment Project, had enough clothing to fill a 15 foot U-Haul with free clothing!

The organization’s mission is to bridge the gap between the Trans Community and our allies!

Jack is a public speaker who has spoken to crowds of all sizes and on a plethora of topics including Reproductive rights, Trans Rights, Racial Injustices, and more.