Cis-colonizers are not ok right now. They are having meltdowns, throwing life-threatening temper tantrums, and getting so angry over not being able to carry on with the same privileges and entitlements that they’re used to.

For weeks, I’ve been watching these escalating streams of videos of angry white folks terrorizing anyone who dare tells them they are not allowed to do something that they want to do; they’re used to having their way.What they don’t realize is that that same anger they are feeling about their rights being “taken away” and the anger they have when they feel ignored is the BEGINNING of what the rest of us have been dealing with since we came out of the womb.

I am sympathetic at how dizzying it is to find out that most of your life has been based on lies, but I’m not sympathetic over their behavior, because none of this should be a surprise. The laziness and refusal to learn or to make room at the table for others is a disturbing sickness and side effect of white supremacy which some have allowed to grow and fester for far too long because it served them to do so.

So, to a demographic of folks who are so keen on jumping onto the bootstrapping bandwagon; it’s time to own your shit, do better, and deal with the changes ahead. Most of the rest of this world is tired of all of these abuses of power and will not go back to being punching bags for the entitled.