Transgender in TN

Knoxville, TN is in the Eastern region of TN.  It is often referred to as being in the belt buckle of the Bible belt.  Quite often, misinformation and or a lack of information at all about the Trans community contributes to the ongoing issues of transphobia.

We are not just talking about adults, but kids.  Transgender people have a  40% likelihood of experiencing suicidal tendencies.  This is NOT because of being trans, but because of the bullying that trans people endure.

This starts from a young age.  Transgender children are being singled out in classrooms across Knox County and being isolated from their peers and being treated as “different”, furthering the experience of bullying.

Our school board refuses to take responsibility for their ability to resolve this issue, by sweeping it under the rug and telling people that they are “following the law”, but what law are they referring to?  Because, TN has NO SUCH LAW.

Many of these children are experiencing extreme stress and developing mental health issues as well as physical health issues.  Below are videos of 4 very passionate members of our community, fighting for the rights of our trans youth.  If you want to join the fight, please come out to the next school board meeting and get heard.

My organization(s) are working to provide the proper education for the community through a series of open community workshops and events.  For more information, (or to get involved) please email me or feel free to check out the following website at




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