Why Women Shouldn’t be Fighting Each Other About Protesting

What’s going on in a woman’s mind, to believe that the women who marched yesterday should be quiet, or that any of you (women) would joke about other women needing to make men sandwiches??
Are you that repressed by the system that you really can’t see that if you WANT to play housewife you should have the CHOICE to do so. You should not be FORCED to live that kind of life.
You are not here to serve men. You are not here to have some dude tell you what to do with your body. You do not have to be obedient little girls that let the men folk lead the way. If you disagree, that’s ok, but don’t bash the women who are making progress, and believe me they ARE making progress.
It’s society’s expectations of these roles that’s wrong. Not the people trying to fix it.
To the men that value a woman who will roll over and do as she’s told; that’s not strength on either of your parts. It’s pathetic. You don’t want a partner, you want a servant.
I don’t want a woman who “knows her place”, unless she knows, that place is beside me, on the front lines of change.
I’m blown away at the negativity that I’ve seen coming from women toward other women, who by the way are literally fighting for your right to make your own decisions.
Including the one to be passive and subservient.