Stop Punishing Addicts-a Response Article

This was written in response to Horry County, SC proposing to jail addicts that overdose.

The ignorance that is rooted in the idea that an addict should go to jail, will continue to devastate the lives of entirely too many people. Have we not learned that helping to provide proper treatment is a better option? If you want to jail someone for being an addict, let’s jail the CEO’s of the pharmaceutical industry, or the doctors irresponsibly push pills down the throats of trusting patients, because that is the true gateway into most addictions.

When someone overdoses, they shouldn’t be jailed, they should be helped. And before anyone complains about helping people who aren’t contributing or lazy or whatever, let me say the following:
#1) This country makes enough money from taxes that we all pay, which should be available for all of us to have FREE health care. The biggest problem with taxed money is the way our government is spending it on war & weaponry; It’s out of control!
In 2015 our country spent $598 BILLION on the military…almost 54% of the total national budget on war and weaponry….while spending less than 6% of our budget on actual healthcare. That’s a measly $66 Billion in comparison.
So, yes we actually could afford to make that a reality.
#2) Stop passing judgement on each other. We all have our struggles and stumble from time to time. To think or feel that another person is unworthy of help or saving because they need help, is ridiculous. The mentality of this country is that if you’re too weak to figure it out on your own then you deserve to parish. Some of the most amazing human beings I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing owned little more than a back pack, and couldn’t get on their feet because of the oppressive nature of our culture.
I’ve known many people, especially former servicemen and women, who have given their time and lives to fight and work for this country, only to end up hooked on some drug after being hurt or traumatized in some way, and then tossed to the side and forgotten about, while being forced to jump through hoops just to have their basic needs met. (Obviously, not all addicts were in the service, but they are examples of someone hard working individuals and contributing member of society that can and do end up in situations like this.)
The number of people that flock to the side of letting people who are deemed as poor or unworthy is unsettling. Especially because those are the ones that will support and contribute to already wealthy politicians flying around in jets to collect even larger and more extravagant donations from larger corporations and organizations.
Let’s stop punishing people for their struggles and start doing more, like providing help and treatment options.
Want to really stop the drug problems in this country? Let’s jail the legal pushers of big pharma and the doctors that prescribe needless drugs to patients because they’re getting kick backs. ( If you don’t think that happens, you’re wrong. It’s already happened/ happening to too many people I know, as I type this.)
Anyway, I’m not asking anyone to enable an addict, I’m just asking that you sign this so that we can help those who want help, and stop treating human beings as if they were disposable.