The Truth Behind the Police State

We are living in a police state. If you don’t see it, I’m not going to criticize you, I’m going to educate you: Not all cops are bad, some are awesome and working REALLY hard for their communities. However, they are under a lot of pressure and I believe they are exhausted from what’s going on in their own world’s. However, we need to have a serious discussion on how out of control things are for all of us. This isn’t about religion, race, gender, political party, zip code, or anything other than the fact that the people who are running things in this country, are treating us like rats in a cage and making us tear each other apart, while they strong arm their way into power.

It’s not for the better of the people, it’s for the better of this capitalistic fascist group of people that are running things the way they are. None of this is going to stop until we all validate that THIS IS a REAL problem.

How many more friends, neighbors, families, communities will be hurt, because of greed, corruption, abuse of power, and vigilante type of country that we are becoming. Every day people are falsely accused of crimes, attacked, murdered, etc because of it. What about the abuse of power that’s going on around us? People being tazed from behind, with their hands up, just for being on a sidewalk? What if that was you, walking your dog? Or your husband who went to visit a friend, and ended up dead because someone over reacted and excited a situation that didn’t need to be so crazy.

Especially if you aren’t happy with the candidates you see out there, do your own research and use your vote to put anyone who isn’t fighting to end this kind of behavior out of a JOB! They are supposed to be protecting each and everyone of us and they’re not.