Walk a mile in Your customer’s shoes

In order to focus on retaining and building any successful business, the business must first lose the intimidation factor of being a business and begin to personify their brand.
From there, we must focus on customer engagement by not only by building social media channels but by building a digital community; Our customers should feel like we are a part of their lives as much as they are apart of ours.
We can do that by first revisiting the company’s image by listening to what our customers have to say.  It’s time to take off the headphones and put our ear to the ground.  Let them grade you.
If your report card comes back negative, then congratulations!  You will have identified what is going wrong, and have direction on making the necessary improvements to your brand.
Once you are moving in the right direction again, you can begin strengthening your foundation by revisiting existing channels, such as social media, company blogs, etc.
While the usual email ads may be driving in some solid revenue, the brand continues to crave more.   After all, our employees are banking on our marketing department, so it’s up to you to feed it.
Let’s get creative and step outside of the cubicle for a minute.  Depending on which industry /market our product is trying to connect with.  Let’s get to know more about our customers.  Because, as much as we want to talk about us, the best thing we can do right now is listen.
Take some time to discover your customer’s wants, needs, behaviors, and struggles so that you can come back not only with solutions but also new ways to engage.
It’s time to play detective.  Where do they go?  What do they do for fun and work? Where do they shop both online and off?  Which roads do they travel the most? What are their problems/struggles?  When they’re not online, where are they?  Which sites do they visit the most?
Once you have the answers to these questions, you are ready to apply the information to your brand.
Let’s say, you are marketing insoles for shoes.  You’ve learned that a bulk of your clients are runners and hikers.  They are avid fans of nature and parks.  Instead of only sending out e-mails about how fabulous your insoles are, with a photo of someone running through the woods, why not try launching a guerrilla marketing campaign with a vending machine along popular running trails across the US?
(Solar powered vending machines that take payments from non-conventional & conventional methods would be amazing!)
Imagine yourself as your customer.  The avid runner, who has been wearing the same shoes when they go jogging for several months.  Your legs/feet are killing you when you happen upon a machine that answers the cries for help.
You might not have your wallet but chances are you’ve got your phone in that fancy arm band as you are listening to your favorite tunes.  With the waive of your phone or tap of a button on an app, your prayers are answered “Wallah!”  On your run home, you’re not going to worry about the stress you had before but about how amazing it was that this  machine was there.  You might even snap a selfie with that random machine and post it to facebook, twitter, and instagram.  Before you know it, people are going out of their way to find your products on these trails.  Especially if there’s a QR code that gives them points on your website, which lets others know they are the king of the trail.