Great Venue, Horrible Service

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“Great venue, horrible service”
2 of 5 starsReviewed June 27, 2016
25 years of lusting after a band like the Cure, and I couldn’t wait to make it to Aaron’s Amphitheater in Atlanta!

On Friday, June 24th, 2016, I made the normally 3.5-hr trek to Atlanta, from Knoxville, TN. Unfortunately for me, my car broke down and the trip ended up taking closer to 7 hours. It should go without saying, that when I finally spotted the venue, I was PUMPED, not only to have finally made it out of the crazy car ordeal, but also to be crossing this show off of my bucket list.

The first challenge we encountered was parking. As I pulled into what should’ve been the entrance to the parking area, we quickly found ourselves being pushed out as the lots were full and honestly, they didn’t care. The guys at the gates laughed when we asked where we should park. Needless to say, we ended up having to drive around for prob 10 mins., before landing a spot about a block away, as we saw someone else leaving.

The second challenge came, when we got to the gate, and had simple things like my girlfriend’s feminine products confiscated, along with her new selfie stick, which we had no idea you couldn’t bring.

I could hear the band playing and the car was too far to go back and forth without missing even more of it, so we reluctantly tossed the items into their bins and attempted to find our seats.

Getting inside of the gate, there was a decent sized commons area for bathrooms and vendors. The bathrooms, I didn’t visit, but I did hear they were pretty rough. Since we had been drenched in sweat all day, after dealing with the car, I decided to grab a beer for my girl and a bottle of water for myself; the total bill was almost $20. Seriously, it was a tall boy can of bud light and a 20 oz bottle of Dasani. I understand trying to make a buck, but if I was able to hit the gas station across the street, it would’ve been maybe $5 max. $12 for a $2.50 can of bud light isn’t just mark up it’s greed and it’s gross.

Anyway, as we tried to find our seats, we were greeted by 2 employees that seemed to be confused as to what their role at the venue was. Anywhere else, ushers help people to their seats, they don’t get angry and frustrated when people still can’t find their seats after they’ve pointed to 20 rows of seats saying “over there”. They actually walk you to your seat, without complaining, and try to make you feel welcome. We tried to ask the girl a couple of times where exactly the seats were, and the closest we got to a real response was her telling me to look on the seats themselves. I finally asked her to walk us there. When she did, she then told us our seats were on the other side of the row. {Thanks lady!}

Once we got settled in, the sound was pretty damn good, the band was having fun, and the stage was very well lit. The smell of pot and cigarettes filled the air as every 5-10 people seemed to be smoking something.

Ironically enough, and maybe it was just because we took two seats on the end, but when my girlfriend lit up a cigarette of her own, an employee came over and very sternly told her to put it out. She looked around confused and said, something to the effect of “everyone else is smoking”, and the guy got in her face and yelled that that was no excuse. First and foremost, we aren’t criminals. We paid pretty damn good money to be at that show, a buck fifty to be exact, and the way too many people on the staff treated a too many people in the crowd, I was disgusted.

The venue itself was a nice size. Seemed to be an endless sea of faces. It was super hot, but because it’s open and airy, we were able to get a tiny relief from the breeze blowing through.

For folks sitting in the lawn, let me say, other than on the extra large TV’s, there’s no way to really SEE the band with those tickets. The seats we had, were in the last section before the grass and I had an ok view of the band most of the time.

On the way out, my girlfriend decided to see if they still had her selfie-stick but they didn’t. According to their staff, they throw all of that stuff out at the end of the night. (How about hold onto it until the last car leaves the lot, because some of the stuff you’re taking might be important to the people you take it from.)

Again, we paid almost $150 for 2 tickets to have our stuff trashed, get ripped off, yelled at, and treated like we were breaking some Holy law by not knowing where our seats were.

To be fair, there was a handful of good and happy employees at this place, but in the 2.5hrs that we were there, the bad definitely outweighed the good.

For what it’s worth, I think the venue as a structure is cool. But, I don’t know that I’d ever come back here, unless there’s another monumental band playing that I can’t catch anywhere else, and I can afford seats that are a little closer.

If it’s summer time, you may want to either take out a small loan for any type of food/drinks or be prepared for dehydration.

Visited June 2016